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Default Thanks for all your interesting replies

I think I probably should just go see my doctor about it again. I just finished reading "Wheat Belly" by William Davis, MD and he has a lot of interesting theories. What led me to that book was his claim that some celiacs don't have the classic intestinal symptoms; that there are many ways it manifests itself - including just the rash without any other symptoms. He also talked about how people with gluten intolerance aren't necessarily rail thin, and lots of people are actually obese. (I always thought along the same lines as you, Almeeker.) I was enjoying the read until I got to the part about what you can and can't eat. You can't eat much! He's also of the low-carb line of thought. The more I read about how to eat, the less I know! I was brought up the low-fat, high-fiber way and it's really hard to believe that isn't the way to eat....since it's mainstream and such. Anyhow, for two days in a row I tried not eating wheat - and only made it until lunchtime. How is that for a loser!? I just can't do it. In the past I tried not drinking milk and also failed. So, I think I have to just go back to my original way of (thinking about) eating and forget about low carb; and put up with the rashes. At least for now....maybe I'll re-visit the whole idea of eliminating something later...

ps Unfortunately, I can't do the low-fat thing, basically I'm doing high-carb, high-fat....with quite a bit of wine. Sheesh, no wonder I'm lugging around the extra flab. That's the thing about Fitday - it really opens your eyes to how much you're eating (and drinking).
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