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Smile Better late than never

HI All.

Abby, that's a great time! It seems like most people shoot for under 30 min. for their first 5K and you achieved that goal. I know exactly how you feel about seeing your name in the results. Somehow it just makes it so much more real. Make sure you save that paper! It'll come in handy when you need a little inspiration. .

Mike, great job on the 1/2 mara! 3:03 is super. I remember you once noting that you weren't much of a runner, but you sure could walk fast! And you proved that.

SW, maybe god, or the universe was trying to tell you something . Sorry to see your injuries, but as our resident coach points out, a little rest might be beneficial in the long run.

HC, your advise and suggestions are so great. Thanks for adopting the team!

Welcome micklyons! great to have you aboard.

And Mai, slow down a little girl! Shin spints and heal pain are almost always due to over training! (How about that... you are such an active athelete that you are over training!) Rest and stretching as HC suggests usually does the trick for me.

And to anyone else I missed or who hasn't dropped into the tread yet, I hope your training is going well and that you have set a goal, whether it's a race or fitness objective.

I got back from a 3 day backpacking trip in the Eastern Sierras yesterday. We had a wonderful time, but need a couple of days to recuperate. The hike in was only 5 miles but ALL uphill, starting at 7200 feet and topping out a 10,000 feet (the oxygen gets mighty thin up there). On day 2 we day hiked over to another lake for trout fishing about 6 miles up and down and up again. And on the 3rd day we walked out. Now, one might think that an all downhill walk would be great, but most of the trail was like walking down 4 miles of stairs. Poor DH is really hurting this morning.

But the discomfort was definitely worth it. The scenery and solitude was glorious!

Not sure when the next run is likely to be, perhaps Sat or Sun.
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