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Two years ago I might have come on here with the same question, only 90 degrees wouldn't keep me in, it's our 3 young children that keep me home bound. So getting to the gym for me requires serious logistics, and taking a nice long aerobic walk is considerably more whiney, difficult and slower with 3 little bodies in tow. So I've come to realize that my workout must be done first thing in the morning, hopefully before the kids are up. To get that done I purchased an elliptical (it was a little pricey, but much cheaper than a heart attack), some hand weights 3, 5 & 10's and a body ball. I also own a handful of workout DVD's most of them were less than $10, or you can borrow from your local library. Netflix also has a fair selection, but you have to go on-line and place them in your account. Housework is it's own workout, but if you want to make it more intense, add wrist/ankle weights. They aren't that expensive, maybe $10-15/pair or you can make your own out of sand, ziploc baggies and gym socks. I also do lunges with the vacuum and yoga poses to get stuff out from underneath the sofa. Oh and one other thing that keeps me hopping with the house-work-out is loud fast music, usually with headphones pumping it straight into my brain.
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