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Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
Vito, did the weight loss rate gradually taper off or was it an abrupt stop?

It was abrupt! I've been sailing along, then I hit 164 and game over. But this happens to be the weight that I've carried for so many years, until my recent blowup into the 180's. So it's going to be harder to lose from now on.

Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
[B]If you can, get your body fat % checked, you might be leaner than you realize.
Hydrostatic weighing is the gold standard. Skin-fold calipers can work but the person doing the test must be skilled and the more sites that are measured, the better the results.
The electronic scales/handheld units are only good for a ballpark estimate and can be off 1-2% points on either side.

Funny you should mention these, I only saw them for the first time today. I'd like to get them, but the bottom line is I KNOW I've still got a bit of a gut. So I KNOW I've still got weight to lose. I've still got about 10 pounds of gut to lose. But these are certainly something I'd like to get in the near future.

You can try changing up the duration of exercise, alternate long/short days and build up to one extra long workout once a week.
Good advice. I've switched my exercise routines, along with mixing my macros and calorie cycling. So let's see if these things can bust the plateau.

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