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Originally Posted by sarahnevin View Post
It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has trigger foods and that I'm not the only one who has a hard time overeating. It can sometimes feel like you're alone when you have issues with certain things. I have been in recovery from an ED and that is why I was curious about the moderation diets. I used to be too restrictive and I'm kind of learning to eat "normal" all over again. So far I can almost eat anything, but I do have problems with sweets like Ice cream. candy bars, and other desserts. I want to be able to be okay with myself if I feel like having a treat, but I also want to have the will power to just have enough. Thanks everyone for the great feedback
Sarah, you know, I like to think I could enjoy a pastry or slice of pie now and again. I imagine it's like an alcoholic who likes to think he/she could simply enjoy a cold beer once in a while.

It just may be, though, that folks with eating disorders (such as I'm pretty sure I have--you don't get over 400 lbs. w/o some sort of problem, obviously) just might not be able to handle certain foods.

So I don't know--I guess I'm leaning towards the "better safe than sorry" side and will continue to abstain from that stuff. Honestly, with time the cravings really subside. Though I will still have bad thoughts once in a while--there was a whole tray of fresh cinnamon buns out the other day and I just had the strongest urge to dive right in as I would have previously (and would have snuck back later for a couple more when nobody else was around). But, I was good and the urge passed, as urges do.

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