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Originally Posted by Lizzycritter View Post

Loss is one thing, maintenance is a whole other issue. We work so hard for this, and it's so fragile. It's so hard to get weight off and so easy to put it back on. When I get to where I want to be, I'm giving myself a range. 132-138 lbs. When I get to 138, back on the horse. At least that's the plan.
Your statement really resounded for me. I lost alot of weight a few years ago, and thought there was no way I would never gain again since I had found what really worked for me...there was no reason I would ever regain the weight. WRONG! I didn't follow the plan that you suggested by getting back on the horse. I was driving myself crazy with the daily/weekly water weight fluctuation, so I dealt with that craziness by not using the scale at all. What a huge mistake! By the time I weighed myself again, I had gained enough to totally destroy my self esteem and resolve. I felt like a failure, and didn't have the confidence to get back on that horse.

This time, I will also give myself a range, just like you are planning. In order to deal with the fluctuation and keep my sanity, I am weighing myself in Kgs instead of lbs. I am not as attached to the emotional meanings of the scale weight, as it is just a number when I see it in Kgs. It also gives me that built-in "range" as 1Kg is 2.2lbs, so 2.2lbs up or down is my range while losing and maintaining.
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