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it sounds like u work out 3 times a week right, which seems fine esp considering the workouts you describe. I would suggest logging your food on fitday and basically just watching your calorie intake.
One thing to consider that not everyone dieting must, is making sure you are getting enough carbohydrates. If you are in school for pharmacy, I dont have to tell you that all that mental activity can be exhausting. (You may already know all of this from some of the science classes you've had, I'm just reminding you). Brain cells use glucose as its fuel, which must constantly be replenished since neurons do not store glucose. That fuel only comes from carbohydrates. Too little carbohydrates can impede your ability to concentrate, learn, and retain information. You should strive for 40-65% of your calories coming from carbs. Many people today hear carbs and immediately think of white bread, pasta, etc. Opt for starches and sugars in the form of healthy grains (whole wheat pasta, whole wheat breads, brown rice, steel cut oats, Bulgar) and legumes, fruits and vegetables. Too much sugar or refined carbohydrates at one time can actually deprive your brain of glucose. Thus, eating healthy carbohydrates is best for your waistline and brain functioning.
I suspect pharmacy school will be the time in your life you need your brain to be functioning at its fullest capacity. Give it the energy it needs!

Stress. Ugggh, dont ya just hate it! probably has something to do with your overeating and gaining weight while in school. At my university, the dept. of student life offers for FREE to any student a 12 wk course in stress management. Your school may have something as well. It can be very reassuring being surrounded by other students trying their hardest and knowing you're not alone with your stress. We also have psychologists you can see regularly for free as well. The issue most often seen is, you guessed it, stress. So, they're well equipped with resources that you are already paying for with your student service fees.
I strongly recommend focused breathing or mindfulness meditation. Google either. I kind of feel like focused breathing is essentially meditating, but some people do not like the term meditation due to its religious connotations. I think some people just feel more comfortable saying they practice focused breathing vs meditation. Meditation does not have to do with anything religious or spiritual. I meditate and am not religious. I have found it to be very helpful and something I wish I had discovered as an undergrad.
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