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Aww crap! Tough weekend for the feets....after my Sat race, went to Home Depot to get some 4'x8'x3/4" particle board to re-do my bathroom floor, and ended up bouncing the sheet of PB off of my right toe-Ouch!

Damn...Ok, whatever, I can deal with it, nothing broken, just a lil bruising....then I hurt my lower back moving the 3/4" pb around....damn, strike2......

Then, today, I stub my lil toe on my air compressor- hella blood everywhere and a super sore lil toe on the same foot that had the 4'x8' PB bounce off it a couple of days earlier... shoot, and I got a race next Sunday.
The trifeca of pain is making it hard to train for my next's all good tho... ..what doesn't kill me will only make me least that's what they say...

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