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Originally Posted by sarahnevin View Post
So I live in a region of the country where it is nearly impossible to exercise outside. I go for jogs in the morning, but after 10am is starts heating up and gets up in the 80's-90's the rest of the day. I live in an area where there isn't a gym, so does anyone have any tips for exercising in a small space and inside with no equipment. Maybe stuff I can do while cleaning or while watching TV? Does anyone find themselves in a similar situation to mine?
Even though I ran poorly in hot weather, 80-90 was not enough to keep me from running in the heat.
Humidity, on the other hand, is the deal-breaker.

This is not counting if you have a medical condition or taking medication that makes you sensitive to the heat.

Check out Bodyweight Culture for ideas for exercising indoors. It's free to register(I'm a member there) and they don't spam you. You do need to be a member to access all the forums where the good stuff is.

Be aware that some of the members have a "hardcore, hard ass" mentality. Ignore them.
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