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Amazon2Andes--what a great post!!!!

You have helped others who wouldn't have thought that little bit of mayo was even worth recording. What an important moment for you, and for the rest of us.

You very carefully made a decision that will benefit you more than just in preparing tuna fish.

My discovery moment was when I found that "fat free" & "sugar free" could actually be worse for me if it meant that other chemicals were added to offset the lack of fat or sugar. Sometimes "fat free" really means "loaded with things that are worse" for me than the fat would have been. My discovery was that being careful about the fat and calories, includes being careful that I am not consuming something else instead. I must know what the ingredients really are before I will ask my body to deal with them. A little touch of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (measured & counted) is better for me than any amount of Franken-dressing.

Great Job, and what an inspiration you are!
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