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Default Hcg diet?

I am very curious why that is never mentioned here in the forums on FITDAY.

The other night I was searching in you tube, and there a boat load of transformation videos (great motivation), and they all seemed to be related to HCG Dieting.

Then, I ran into a guy on the street the other night, and he was telling my friend and I about it.

I remember reading about it first in Kevin Trudeau's book.

He told me that it "resets" the hypothalmus gland.

He went on to say that you only take in 500 calories per day(it wouldnt be for me) for 20 something days.

Apparently, you lose a lot of weight, and he says now they sell it in drops.

May be a good option for you if you are seriously wanting to drop off the weight quickly.

I am just curious why I have never seen it discussed here..........
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