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I have done this diet and fully support it. Firstly let me clarify, when I say I have done, which indicates I no longer do, I now am in a state of unconscious low carb dieting in an anabolic fashion, rather than a strict adherer of the anabolic diet (AD).

I found the AD to be a tremendous success when tied together with a solid weight program. My wife though was modelling the catwalk and would use a low carb diet to get in tip top shape for that.

To me it seems that, due to the requirement for carbs to build muscle mass, the AD is the ideal solution for being lean if you are also going to marry it to a fitness regime, especially one that includes lifting weights. In this way it supports the requirements of improving in this field.

With regard to weight loss a general balance of low carb and calorie restricting (being in a deficit) will see a solid result over time.

Diet though is a manager of weight whereas exercise is a manager of composition. This is because muscles are more calorifically demanding than fat storage and so the body will try to shed muscle mass on a calorie deficit diet to reduce the load on the system. This is why some people are very thin but do not look so good.

In summary I would say the anabolic diet is excellent and I would encourage anyone to follow it and to exercise 3 times a week with weights plus some cardio. It is simple advice however so many people want to complicate things and search out the quick fixes.

Congratulations on your pics, they are similar to where I was and am now and you are an inspiration to so many others if only they had your self control and discipline.

I just checked by the way and at 15:05hrs today my diet is... 478 calories, 25.7gm fat, 17.4 gm carbs, 43.6 protein. I am male, weight 187lbs. I have just spent a month in the US and am trying to ease back down some of the bloat I picked up over there. I would say I need to lose 4 lbs to be lean and 7 lbs to be very lean. I am 6ft 4 and wear size 33 inch waist trousers.

Go AD!!
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