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helveticat, they are all great recommendations.

The weird thing about this plateau is that I had just increased the calories by 100/day about a week ago. The 1600 average wasn't enough for the exercise level. There haven't been any "cheat days" in weeks however. Plus no cycling up/down as much. Time to get back to what worked.

A friend of mine on weight watchers told me to not only work on different macros, but to alternate the foods throughout the day. Have breakfast for lunch, lunch for breakfast kind of thing. That's worth a shot as well.

I honestly have no idea what to do about the exercise. I feel like I can do it every day now (and want to), yet I'm sure my body would appreciate a decent rest. Interesting you should mention a backbpack. I've been seriously considering it.

Congrats on your loss as well! Funny, we seem to have the same weight goal as well!

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