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Default Walking with time

That's interesting that you should suggest that way of walking. That is how i was originally going to do it. A friend of mine joined weight watchers and she lost a lot of weight counting steps and making step goals. That's where I got the idea. But what you say makes sense especially for starters and cheaper too. I did go on a 2.5 hr hike a couple weeks ago to some beautiful waterfuls and really enjoyed it. It was hard to walk in the beginning but then I got used to it, so the same with walking I expect. Thanks for the input.

Originally Posted by jackdup View Post
Interesting, I have always walked for measures of time, and not distance.

It is interesting how different people look at things differently.

I have been a walker for quite some time now, in fact don't even own a vehicle,but I do, however use mass transportation.

Yesterday, I walked for 3 hours 10 minutes and had a backpack with 8 lbs of water in it.

At the end of the first hour, there was an immense hill that I climbed for about 30 minutes or so.

As a reccomendation for you,why not start with 2 slow 30 minute segments per day, and if you feel you can do more, either pick up the pace or add more time.
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