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Pardon me for being skeptical but an article promoting a specific ratio that just happens to be provided by the sponsoring company makes me wary.

While a mixture of carbs and protein make an effective post workout meal, the 2.2:1 ratio is not the best for long duration workouts.

A two hour run/bike (15-20 / 35/50 miles)will burn a significant amount of an athlete's glycogen stores, as much as 90% or more.

Trained athletes will store around 400-500 grams of glycogen so that represents 360-450 grams burned.
Replenishing at 2.2:1 will mean trying to eat appx. 90-110 grams of protein in a short period of time and leaving the athlete at risk of not consuming enough and failing to restore glycogen stores.

I ran 50-60 mile (plus bicycle commuting) weeks for years and usually refueled at about a 4:1 rate.
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