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Originally Posted by lastri View Post
HC, Thanks for all the advice. I will try out.
"For the shins: tap the shin bone near the knee and near the ankle. "
Shin splints: can you be a bit clearer. what I should tap with? When should I tap it?

My race is in 4 weeks. Will I have enough time to train if I take 2 weeks off? I am kind of worry about that. Is biking a good alternative?
Thanks, Mai
Just tap with your fingers. When doesn't matter, if it's shin splints they won't hurt. Stress fractures are usually more or less mid-bone, tapping anywhere on the bone will hurt.

Don't worry about your performance, fixing this is more important long term.

You won't lose any fitness as long as you cross train.

Cycling is a fine alternative. So is swimming and water running.
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