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I have hit my late 40's and it doesn't come off like it used too. However I have found a fail proof method that not only lost me 20lb in 2 months but also detoxed me to the max and returned may energy of when I was 20. I have never felt so well. But it is extreme and so is the weight loss (you can expect 0.5lb a day) But so are the other results. Diabetics comes off their medication, I had my arthritis disappear, you sight improves (I kid you not) and so does your mental clarity.
After a while it is the ONLY way you want to eat. I know it all sounds like a hype but you can research this online. Also it the easiest diet ever to follow. Raw. That's it, eat raw, raw veg and raw fruit and nuts and seeds (Obviously not raw meat or dairy - just loose those all together.) Yup, it makes you a vegan. Me a vegan? - that came as a surprise because I had no intention of being a vegan. But the benefits can only be believed if you try it. Or you can read about other peoples experiences on loads of sites. Deffinately a diet for the impatient!
Oh but you absolutely must keep your calorie intake to over 1000 calories, which sometimes feels difficult because you have to eat so much. Also the amount of fat you take in through seeds and nuts is best limited. I keep mine under 10grams. So you can't do it without using Fitday everyday.

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