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Originally Posted by lastri View Post
I log in 4 miles this morning, my long run.
Lately I have a problem with my left heel. It hurts when I walk, especially in the morning right after get out of bed or when I sitting for a while. However, that heel doesn't bother me when I run. But I got shin fling. After less than 1/2 mile, my shin very hot and hurt. I stop and stretch, after another mile I stretch again. Then after 2 miles I feel better and run the rest of the way. But it was hard. I constantly cheer myself up. Come on Mai, you gotta do this. You can, just reach to that lamp post over there.... ughgh
Sounds like plantar fasciitis. Is the pain on the bottom of your heel?

Ice, NSAIDs, roll a golf ball(rolling pin, baby food jar) under your arch.

Stretch your calves.

For the shins: tap the shin bone near the knee and near the ankle. If that does not make it hurt, proceed for shin splints.

If it does hurt, see your doctor.

Again with the ice and NSAIDS.

For both of these you need to find alternative activities to give the injuries a chance to start healing for at least 2 weeks.
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