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Default how do I log raw plaintain?

The only option I see on here is for logging boiled plantain.

What I like to do with vegetables even ones I cook, is weigh them raw and then add those to fitday and then add any fat/seasoning separately.

If I wanted to take a plantain and cut it up and bake it in the oven for example, how would I know what to enter? Would a boiled ounce be the same weight as a raw ounce I guess it would... but not sure if that's what I should enter.

Also I heard if you let them go completely black you can actually eat them raw, but fitday has no listing for the calories this way. Should I just log it as one whole "boiled" plantain? Do riper plantains have more calories than less ripe ones?

I want to try these but until fitday lets me log them properly it will be difficult.
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