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Default Check those blueberries

This might seem excessive to some people but I usually check every blueberry to see if it's rotten before I put it in the container I'm going to wash them with. I discard ones that looked damaged or moldy and remove stems from those who still have stems attached. This morning I looked at one and on the top of it I saw a little green caterpillar! I set that blueberry aside with the rotten ones on the table and kept checking other blueberries. In a few minutes, the caterpillar woke up and started moving around. lol So I took that blueberry with the caterpillar on it and threw it into my backyard. I don't know if it had any chance of survival away from its host plant like that but even if not that was a tough little caterpillar, it survived being refrigerated twice (once at the store once at home) lol.

Moral of the story though is I'm glad I check every blueberry.
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