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The fat burning zone is something of a myth. It is calculated to be the zone (heart rate) whereby most of the calories you use are drawn from fat.

It is not the zone whereby you burn the most calories. At higher rates of exercise, you burn more calories, including more fat calories.

I have read that exercising before eating is a bad thing, in that the body senses it is at risk (no food) so draws on glycogen and lean muscle mass while protecting its critical fat reserves. Better to eat say even half a banana, then exercise.

On walk Vs run over the same distance. Looking at the activity calculator here, which I find correlates accurately to the data on my rowing machine, a 4 mile walk at 4 mph burns 424 calories, while a 4 mile jog at 6 mph burns 565calories, so not the same deal at all.

On over-doing cardio: if you kept your heart rate to around 65% maximum (start with 220 - your age in years as your maximum) you would be safe to keep going longer than the OP reports. But you need a heart monitor (around ~$50).
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