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MDRL so far every response that you have received has been applicable to your situation, especially the post by Evaner.

If I could talk to you personally, my first question would be about the intensity of your workouts.

My scale hasnt moved now in weeks, but I am putting on muscle and dropping fat like crazy, and I EAT CONSTANTLY. I am eating now!!

But, I had been wearing a 36 pant. The other day, I decided that they were too baggy so I dug out some other pants.

I put on a pair that I think a friend left here.

I thought that they were 34, but there was still room in them, then today I took them off and looked at the size and they were only a 33!

I dont even remember the last time I was 32, but I am heading there.

With me, though I am in little different scenario.

I really hit the gym hard, really hard, Plus, last night I walked for an hour, today I did 1/2 hour cardio at around 70 to 75 percent of my max heart rate.

People don't realize the importance of calories, and depending on your work out intensity, you may not be getting enough.

BUT, every single person on here has a different body type, and agenda and we all react to certain foods and methods of exercise differently.

This isn't really exact, this dieting, but the basic principles apply to everyone.

More than likely you base rate is probably 1200 calories, and that means if you were just laying there breathing.

Whatever you do, don't starve yourself, it work in reverse.
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