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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
I've got the best hubby in the world...

I didn't want to ask him to drive me, running is my thing, and not driving is also my thing, so I try not to be needy, but he said "of course I'll take you over, I want to see you cross the finish line".

So, between him and you guys, I think I might as well put my fee down now!

Since you will have a place to store your stuff and change, here's what I always had packed for race day.

Short sleeve t-shirt(for after the race)
Long sleeve t-shirt (for after the race)
short sleeve t-shirt(wicking material, for under racing top)
Long sleeve t-shirt (wicking material, for under racing top)
Fleece headband
Wool hat
Extra socks
Thermal underwear-top and bottom
Sweat suit, heavy cotton in cold, nylon shell in hot weather.
Racing shoes

First Aid

3" Ace bandage
2" Ace bandage
box of assorted adhesive bandages
2-chemical cold packs
Anti-itch cream

Little bit of fashion advice-wearing the race t-shirt before finishing the race is slightly gauche (though many people are unaware of this and no one will be rude enough to mention it). This custom probably started with marathons where it's felt you have to earn the right to wear the shirt and filtered down to the shorter races.
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