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Originally Posted by rmdaly View Post
I bought a package of Simply Potatoes at the grocery store and the instructions made it clear that they had to be heated to at least a specific temperature. I've also seen the same warnings on my frozen veggie meat products.

For a package of something that is supposed to be just potatoes and onions, why do I have to heat them to a minimum temperature? Are they treated with something? I can eat raw potatoes if I want to and it shouldn't cause me any health issues. I have the same question about my frozen veggie products - if it doesn't contain meat, then why must it be cooked to a minimum temperature?
I don't recommend eating raw potatoes - but if you do, you would wash the outside throoughly, and the inside would not have been all over the world.

When you bury "simply potatoes" they have been treated and squished around in a machine, which can bring nasty stuff into the middle of your bag.

Potatoes can bring you Bacillus cereus - which is a nasty bacteria. Many such things grow where they find nutrients, meat isn't their only option!

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