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Default Nuts and bolts about my first 5K

So, it might just be on Labor day - here's what I'm considering.

Bad Habit Productions 5K

Now, I will be arriving by city bus (I don't drive), I'll be alone - so I won't have a car to use as a locker. I figure I will need to bring -

1) a little money
2) ID
3) keys (although I could rely on dh to let me back in the house) - I can just carry one key, so it won't be my giant flappy key ring.
4) bus pass

For the above, I think I'll need some sort of wallet that I can wear around my neck, but won't flap too much. Does someone know the perfect one?

If I'd have places to store things I'd take more, like extra water, change of socks for afterwards, bandaids, and other no value things - is it likely there will be some place to stow stuff if I'm not uptight about losing it? (like under the sign in table?)

Is there something you always wish you brought?

this sort of tiny planning will make me more likely to get it done....

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