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Originally Posted by stotalhealth View Post
Make sure that you don't underestimate you calorie intake..Where the calories come from isn't important when it comes to calorie counting. A calorie is largely a calorie, and it makes no difference if your 1200 calories come from chocolate, or garden-grown salad leaves that were watered with organic spring water.
Healthy food (there is no such thing as 'real food'), or if you want to call it that, 'clean food' is certainly healthier for you, and will have a positive impact on your wellbeing, but in the scheme of losing weight and controlling calories, it makes no difference whatsoever..
hope it would help out..
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You are so right! A calorie is a calorie and they all add up to be a pound if eaten in excess. We must concentrate on being healthy and not just about losing weight. Its a delicate balance, but it sounds as though we are all on the right track and we will make it with such great support people. Thank you!
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