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Instead of looking at how much ground youíve lost and how far you have to go, just focus on making one or two small changes at a time, so you can regain confidence and a sense of control. Start by making a commitment to track and log your food intake (especially on binge days), even if youíre not yet ready to restrict calories. Then make a deal with yourself that you have to drink a certain amount of water and eat your daily servings of fruit and veggies before you allow yourself the junk food. Taking these small steps will give you a feeling of control that will make the long-term goals seem more manageable.

While exercise is great for you and can help with the depression, controlling your diet is more important for weight loss. Iíve also had periods of obsession over exercise, letting it take over my life. But it just isn't healthy or sustainable. Whatever fitness plan you eventually come up with, try to make it something you enjoy and that enhances your life rather than a chore that adds stress, anxiety and guilt. Maybe the gym just isnít for you, so consider team sports, commuting to work by bike, or jogging to your favorite music. Also remember that every bit helps, so half an hour at the gym twice a week is enough to help you lose weight; you don't have to treat it like a whole second job. But, more importantly, tackle the diet first.

I was compelled to respond because Iím also in a very stressful job that triggers binge eating as a coping mechanism. Iím still struggling to get a handle on it, and cannot over-emphasize how much simply logging food helps. Today was a relatively out-of-control day for me, but Iím finishing at 1800 calories instead of the 3000-4000 I consume in periods when I donít use Fitday (for context, I only need 1600 calories to maintain my current weight).

Finally, do try to get professional help for the depression. I have chronic depression and anxiety myself, but here in the US is it very difficult to get help if you donít have health insurance, which I donít. It sounds like youíre writing from Australia or NZ (am I right?), so you should have an easier time accessing care.

10 kg in four months is very doable with diet alone. Just take the first baby step and youíll be on your way!
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