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Default Need Some Motivation

Hi guys,

Im just seeking a bit of a kick up the butt. I am feeling miserable. Early last year I joined a gym to lose weight, I was on the cusp of being overweight for my height and wasnt comfortable with feeling frumpy. I am also very tall so that doesnt help...I became a health nut, counting calories, gyming every day for 1.5 hours or even more. Eating between 1600-2000 cals a day and I lost a lot of weight, I became slighlty underweight. At that point I started fretting about maintaining and still felt like I wanted to lose more weight, although some days I was happy with my figure. From that point on I have steadily been gaining weight due to huge binges up to 4 times a week at certain points. At first i was still exercising and then excessively exercising to burn off all the binge food but now Ive just lost motivation to even exercise and Im gaining between 0.5 and 1 kg per week. Its winter where I am and I struggle to get outside to do the walks I used to love and I cant stand being in the gym, it just feels like a horrible thing to have to face after work. I am disgusted with myself and how Ive let myself go. The binges have mostly stopped but now I just eating unhealthy junk foods and over eat most days by 200-500 calories. I just feel like I want to give up, I have no self confidence anymore and losing weight again seems overwhelming. I have also started a new job that I find very stressful and have been suffering with depression over the past year and a half. I find that when I am stressed or down, I reach for food.

I dont know where to begin, can someone please inspire me and give me any advice. I have 4 months until summer/New years and I want to be looking great- for me, I think that would be about 65kg.

179cm tall
Ideal weight 65-66kg
Currently a gym member but cant bring myself to go...

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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