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Default how i luv avocados let me count the ways

My favorite way of including them is to take about a 1/4 avocado, dice it and add to each bowl of mexican chicken/taco soup right b4 serving. Incredible.

If any1 is thinking of trying avocado, buy lime with it. i always cut avocado and squirt lime juice on so it doesnt turn/oxidize. the flavors of avocado and lime are very complimentary as well. after you have cut an avocado, it stores better with the pit still in place. I rub piece of lime all over the green flesh and pit and put in zip lock bag in frig.

I also enjoy having it smeared on chicken or turkey sandwich/wrap. avocados are yummy w chicken n turkey. Guacamole goes without saying, which i like in my black bean burritos.

I never eat a whole one, but since some of you do you may wanna try it in a 'milk shake'. I've always read avocados as savory but many people in south america love em pureed with milk, ice, and a little sugar.
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