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Hmmm...FitDay is psychic, my banner ad on this page is a quiz for anxiety in women lol. My anxiety with losing the weight is it isn't going to change the thing I'm most uncomfortable with, which is my belly. I've never been a flat-abs girl, and after my 2nd baby, it's just all gone to pieces. I've definitely got more strength in my abs, I can do everything on the pilates routine except a full teaser but still, I look pregnant . He's nearly 2! I know I have 25 lbs yet to go, but 21 lbs lost and my gut still sticks out farther than my boobs. Is it ever going to change? And I'm anxious that I talk too much about losing the weight, because the doc I work for is very overweight, and I know she's sensitive about it, and I don't want to make her feel worse. So I'm glad I can come here and get it out of my system lol.

Loss is one thing, maintenance is a whole other issue. We work so hard for this, and it's so fragile. It's so hard to get weight off and so easy to put it back on. When I get to where I want to be, I'm giving myself a range. 132-138 lbs. When I get to 138, back on the horse. At least that's the plan.

It's amazing how much weight loss changes things we never expected it to, and doesn't change the things we thought it would.
If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?

Starting weight:182
Current weight: 140
Goal weight: 135

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