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Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
sw, a slight correction to the 10K work-do the 1200s at 10K goal pace, the other repeats the same as stated, increase to 3 of each distance.

Your racing schedule does not look too extreme though when you want to go for a PR, you should look for smaller races. Less crowds to weave through.

General rule of thumb for race recovery: 1 day per mile of racing before racing all out again, 2 days per racing mile to fully recover and keep racing at that level for long term.

Example: you could race 2 5Ks in a week but if you have 5 or 6 races, they should be a week apart.
Oh, that's good info to know regarding running almost 6 miles this morning probably wasn't a good idea then....I also walked a large car show yesterday- maybe 4 miles at a leisurely pace.....shoot, I guess an afternoon bike ride would be pushing it.
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