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Default Bad day

Late Tuesday night, we had a police officer shot on duty here, in the city. My husband works for the county police, so.... a lot of sadness, anxiety, stress right now. Yesterday I went off the diet, gave myself permission to eat whatever, a lot of junk, and pretty much just blew it out of the water. Today though, I am getting back up. One day is not going to turn into a week or a month the way it used to. Today I go back and fill in, honestly, what I ate yesterday, no excuses. I've changed my attitude. If I don't do the work, I won't get the results, end of story. I won't make it to the gym today, husband had overtime, his dept covered the city so the whole city department could have yesterday off. But I do have my pilates and yoga on DVD, if the weather holds, I can put my son in a stroller and get outside for a walk. Doesn't really matter what I do today, just as long as I do something. I can't control my husband's job, but I can control what goes into my mouth and I can control whether or not I get off the couch today. I've decided to take care of myself no matter what life throws at me. Didn't expect this. But I can handle it, one day at a time.
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