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Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
sw07, how long have you been running and what is a typical week you're currently doing?

Getting under 20:00 will require a good amount of interval training as the 5K is a very anaerobic event.

You still might need higher mileage as your performance above the 5K drops off.
This calculator predicts a 36:37/5 mile and a 45:55/10K based on your 5K.
I've been running competitively for over a year now and I was averaging 15-25 miles a week prior to injuries I had in mid May. I took 5 weeks off to recover and I'm now slowly increasing my miles. I'm currently at about 12-20 per week now. I keep track with the runnersworld training log. I realize 5k's are very anaerobic- I felt it today, but I would eventually like to step up to 10k's and I plan on doing a 1/2 next March. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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