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Thanks Michael. Yeah, I've got close to a hundred custom foods already and I'm still adding. The possibilities of this nomenclature are endless.

Notice that I also designate the foods with high nutrients that I'm trying to achieve e.g. Magnesium for a banana (^Mg)? That's helpful as well of course, especially when someone like me is new to nutrient tracking and won't remember all the details of a particular food. In fact, I've taken the "canned" Nutrition Facts provided by FitDay, then made my own Custom Food, copying it identically, only specifying in the label a specific nutrient, just for this very reason so that I would remember it when I'm planning my daily menu.

It's a good thing I moved from Philly, otherwise the designation for Philly pretzel would not be "xx" and I'd be in a heap of trouble with my weight! Of course my beer consumption would be up as well.

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