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Wink Alli check in and stuff...

So, let's see here... I've been on Alli for...5 weeks or so. I've lost 17lbs... was 19 lbs but I ate too much food the other day.... It's tough to break a habit sometimes. There will always be times when I do this, I just need to work on it. I'd probably have lost more if I was better about it but most of the time I behave.

Now, on to other things. I try to eat fruit most mornings or if I need something more substantial I'll go for a couple of eggs and a half slice cheese. Once in a while a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. I drink a lot of crystal light, it's more tolerable to me than water, but some are not comfortable with substitute sugars.

At lunch I might have a half a sandwich or whole depending on the bread and what I put in it. I might have a salad... or really any vegetable. I try to stay away from cheese most of the time, vegetable oil (high fat content) and regular mayo.

Dinner tends to be whatever we're having. This is hard because evening and night are the worst times for me.. I binge terribly. It takes all I have not to go for seconds.

I try not to snack, but some people benefit from smaller broken down meals...not me, because I'm a binge eater, and because by nightfall I'll feel empty.
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