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hey all thanks for a comment.

i mostly fell off track due to a few things.

1. not working out anymore, mostly due to doing alot of work, weither it's in the studio, on the farm, or in my home office.

2. long commutes. which means at least 3 days a week of sitting in my car for 2 or more hours. which also means eatting while in traffic.

3. eatting tonnes of fast food. because where i've been working snice june there is fast food all over the place, it's so quick and easy to grab.

i think these were the big points in my downfall.

but i'm done work here next week, and i'll be back in school. i'm going to join the gym and go 3 days a week, i'm not sure for how long each time tho 1/2 hour? a full hour? more?

i am going to get back to trying to do 10,000 steps a day. and a small workout on the days i don't go to the gym.

as for fast food i'm going to try and cut back to only once a week for a start. i know i was able to do it before so i think i'll be able to do it again. it'll be easier with summer over and not going out with family alot anymore.

this also means i need to bring lunch and snack to school anyone have any good ideas for that kind of stuff, i got no fridge to keep stuff cool, and only have microwave access.

thanks for any help
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