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I weighed in at WW about two months ago and I was down 4 pounds. I was pretty happy, because usually I lose anywhere from a half a pound to almost 2 pounds a week on the program.

Without really trying very hard, or overeating or anything, I put that 4 pounds back on very quickly (2 weeks, I think), and now, it has been weeks and weeks of slowly losing to get back down to that weight. You just have to keep on keepin' on. I was down .6 lbs this week (not even a pound) and glad of it - at least I didn't gain!

There are two guys who put out a free podcast on itunes (fat2fit) who really calm me down about keepin' on and losing weight slowly but steadily. Jeff Ainseley and Russ Turley (not sure about spelling those names). When I'm feeling discouraged, I listen to them (I burn the podcast to a cd and play it in the car). If you google 'fat2fit' you can listen to them on their website, too.
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