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Default Tip for Custom Food nomenclature

When a custom food list becomes pretty extensive it can be a challenge to find things, even though foods are listed alphabetically (note: they are alphabetized so long as they are capitalized).

Here's an easy way to keep your list looking more organized.

I add prefixes to foods, and these prefixes then position the foods either at the top or the bottom of my "main list" of foods (the ones I eat frequently and are listed alphbetically).

Here are examples of prefixes, in order, as they might appear on the list:

+ Designates a special food/supplement taken for workouts; appears at the very top of the list

= Designates a daily supplement

a- Designates a beverage; appears below the main list

b- Designates condiments

x Represents a food or drink that I no longer eat or do so infrequently

xx Represents a food I'll probably never eat again or I created while traveling.

xxx Are foods that I will never eat again.

z These are foods that are "sleeping". I will eat them again, but by designating them with the prefix 'z' they appear at the bottom of the custom food list. This eliminates clutter in the main list. Once I start eating them again I remove the 'z'.

NOTE: You don't want to delete custom foods that you've created and no longer eat, because once you do they no longer appear on your food log. With this method, you can simply move the foods down to the bottom of the list by adding an 'x'.

Here's an example of what the list might look like:

+ Creatine (heap tsp)
= B-complex
Banana [^Fiber, ^K, ^Mg]
Barilla Rigatoni (1/2 box), [^^ Fe]
Broccoli Florets, Frozen, Bird's Eye (1 cup is 87 g. = 30 cal) [^ Potassium]
Carrot, large, 7.25-8.5" long, (^ Fiber, ^ K, ^^^ Vitamin A)
Corn, sweet, on the cob
Nuts, Peanuts, Honey Roasted, GV (1/4 cup) [^ Protein, ^ Mg, ^ Sat Fat]
Nuts, Soy (2 Tbsp) [^ Protein, ^ K]
a- Miller 64 beer
a- Orange Juice, CALCIUM, 1 Cup (8 oz.) [^ K, ^ Mg]
b- Barbecue Sauce, Jack Daniel's (2 Tbsp)
b- Ketchup and mustard for burger
x Salad Dressing - Greek Vinaigrette
x Hotdog bun
xx Michelob ULTRA
xx Philly soft pretzel
xxx Vito's Low Salt Salad Dressing #1c (6 tbsp)
z Nuts, Peanuts, Honey Roasted, GV (1/4 cup) [^ Protein, ^ Mg, ^ Sat Fat]

NOTE #1: The ^ symbol means that the food is HIGH in that key nutrient. I add this to my custom foods nomenclature so that when I do a search from within my browser (while all my custom foods are showing) for say, "K" (potassium), I can easily find the 10 foods that have been designated as cotaining high potassium. Then I can choose which one I would like to add to my food journal. It really saves time, especially when 200 custom foods are displayed.

NOTE #2: Custom foods should generally be added from "recent foods" otherwise the quantities will change if added to the journal from the custom foods list. In order to have more freedom in adding it either way, without forgetting what the quantity is for "1 serving", you can always add more to the description in your custom food following this example:

Broccoli Florets, Frozen, Bird's Eye (1 cup is 87 g. = 30 cal) [^ Potassium]

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions

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