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The buzz around the internet is that Mg is a very difficult nutrient to meet the RDA. Of course, Mg may not be reported with Nutrition Facts labels on products even though the product contains it. A good example is V8 Juice. I know that V8 has Mg in it, yet it's not listed on the label. I found some reported values for Mg in V8 on various websites and have estimated the amount to be about 6-8 %. I have just contacted Campbell's and have requested that they update the labels for all of their V8 products. I am suggesting that we all do this kind of thing whenever we come across a situation like this.

Anyway, with my 1600 caloric intake I am not meeting my Mg minimum even though I'm making a conscious effort to do so. The problem is, if I eat the amount of pumpkin seeds that I'm supposed to (they are packed with Mg) I am then going over my caloric intake. It's the same with trying to eat other foods that are high in Mg; eating them just for the sake of getting the Mg will be adding too many calories.

So I've decided to purchase a Magnesium Citrate supplement. Problem solved.

The reason why I'm concerned about not getting adequate amounts of Mg is that it is very important for endurance type sports. My biking is over 1.5 hours a day now and I can't afford to be lacking energy. I'm going to take the supplements to make SURE I'm getting adequate amounts, rather than just hoping that the Nutrition labels are off.

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