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What you might want to do is take a look at your diet and see if you can replace a high calorie food with a lower calorie option. For example like my coffee with cream or creamer. Both of which add about 80 calories per cup of coffee (I use a rather large coffee mug). So I switched out the cream/creamer for almond milk which only adds about 9 calories/mug. I don't miss anything that way, but I've dropped my calorie intake by 140 calories with just that one change. Another thing you might try is a low calorie bread, we use 35 calorie/slice bread around here, which drops the calories in a sandwich by 130-150 depending on the brand. I also limit myself to 1 egg yolk/day. Mind you I'm allergic to them, but if I make an omelet I'll use 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. Generally if I bake anything I'll use just the egg whites to cut down on the fat and calories. I think with a little study you can probably drop your calories by 500-1000/day and not be missing anything.

Another bit of advice I can offer is that the "STARVING" feeling for me is closely related to the consumption of grains. I'm a carboholic and have hard carb crashes somewhere between 2-5 hours after I've consumed a lot of carbs, especially if they are grain based. So watch what you eat and see if you can find a correlation between what you've eaten and when you feel like you're "STARVING" to death. You might be a carboholic too.

We all trash our diets from time to time. I trash mine all the time, but I generally manage to get myself picked up and back on the wagon with the next meal, and if not then - the next day for sure.

On the veggies, you might try spray butter, no calories and it actually tastes like melted butter.
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