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I'm guessing you know how many calories you eat daily because you measure your food and you also put the results in your food log. The entry of the data is important, sure, but the measurement of the food is more important. The information is only as good as its accuracy!

I think I could EASILY eat 3500 calories daily without blinking. Right now, I'm aiming for around 2000 and it's hard not to go a little above that (200 calories, for example). I am losing weight a pound or so a week. Slow but steady. 2000 calories is not even that much food - given my food choices. There are ways to make 2000 calories a humongous amount of food - eating a lot of vegetables without fats, for example, and just boiled, baked or steamed.

Meat tends to pack high-calorie fat so that you don't see it in the meat but it's there. So, more steamed veggies with lean meat or fish more as a condiment than the centerpiece of a meal will make you feel full. Eat more fibrous vegetables and you'll be surprised how it quells your appetite.

Put it all on top of some brown rice (no oil) and eat the bowl full - you're eating like an Asian, then. Doesn't have to be an Asian-flavored dish... that's just the way most of the world eats!
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