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I'm starting my second week of Alli. I read the books that came with the kit thoroughly. If you have these that come with the starter kit, there is no need to buy other books. The books stress the importance of deciding to be committed to a low fat diet while taking Alli and spells out the number of grams of fat per meal. It also emphasizes that people should not store up or save fat grams to splurge on a dessert or it will backfire. It is strongly suggested that people follow a low fat diet a week before beginning to take Alli.

I have not had any of the treatment effects. I count fat grams carefully. As instructed in the materials, I take my vitamin pill at bed time. I've lost five pounds in two weeks but expect it to slow down as I'm a slow loser usually.

I will say that several years ago I took the prescription version of this but quit because I did not have the dedication to stick with an extreme low fat diet required for that dosage.
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