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Thanks everyone, it's nice to feel welcome.

I guess my ultimate goal weight is somewhere around 180 pounds, although anything under 200 would be terrific. I like to play soccer, but I haven't had many opportunities for a few years because of work. When I have played my weight has meant I'm completely useless, and my knees have been completely crippled afterwards. Over the last month I've found a regular weekly game I can get to, and the improvement in my ability to play as the weight comes off has been fantastic - I'm active for the whole match now, instead of being wiped out after 15 minutes. The regular exercise I'm doing the rest of the week has also had a huge effect on my knees - instead of being unable to walk the next day, I'm now just a little stiff and sore, which tends to go away when I get down to my cardio for the day. Being able to play again is just the best feeling - I'm looking forward to it all week long these days
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