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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
My oldest DD picked up a flier for a 5K on September 10th, and waved it at me asking if she could do that for her birthday (so not like her). We actually have been invited to a party out of town that day, but maybe we can find a different one.
Good ones for families are the ones labeled "run/walk"...generally more relaxed and you don't have really serious runners complaining about kids being "in the way."

If anyone wants to go on their own, the cystic fibrosis foundation's "Outrun CF" is October is a virtual run and you register for a fee but do it on your own time, at your own place, and for however long you want. Everyone does it on the same day across the US. It takes away the crowd's energy but it does go for a good cause and you get a cool shirt. I did 5K for the one in the spring and plan on doing this one as well; I have a relative with CF.

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