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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
Thanks for the perspective almeeker. Congrats on your weight loss btw! It's been a while since I've been around these parts and I'm impressed!
Thanks. Things have stalled out a little on the scale, but I continue to workout and eat a very clean diet (most days). I know from the past that you and I often take a different stance on certain issues, but that we can meet in the middle with some degree of consensus.

Outside of diet and exercise I happen to think that height plays a roll in how bulky a person looks. I happen to be short with a light frame, so the same size muscle looks much bigger on my arm then it would on a longer or larger one. But I also happen to think that height plays a roll in strength too, it certainly plays a roll in structural engineering. In engineering it's referred to as "slenderness ratio", which basically means that if you have two steel columns of identical cross section, then the shorter one will in fact be the stronger of the two. This is negligible for columns of minimal differences in length, but becomes much more of a factor when the longer column is twice the length of the shorter one. I think it definitely holds true when using the weight machines. I've often felt because of my compact build that I can lift a lot more than taller people, just from the shear physics of the equation.

At my gym there is a 14 yo boy who is close to my height, only his frame looks heavier. He's nearing the school record for dead lift and has already broken the record for bench press. His goal is to smash through all the school records before he graduates. I suppose so long as he doesn't grow a foot taller overnight he'll manage it.
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