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I have read that magnesium is also very good for pain, and we are often deficient in it, and it works with both vit D and calcium, you must have all three in order to have good bones and teeth!

I am needing to lose around 30, although I have already lost 5 pounds this year, maybe more. I have been doing really well, maybe too well....averaging 1100 calories a day, and it should be at least 1200.

My hardest challenge is to keep the the ratio of carbs, proteins and fats correct.

What has helped me this time, is I have really made an effort to stay away from processed foods, eating mainly fruits, veggies, whole grain cereal and breads. Dairy products - low or no fat versions. I do keep a small supply of diabetic candy in the house for those times when I MUST have a sweet treat. If you stay away from chocolate the fat content is minimal. What has been interesting is I was a sugar addict and drank a lot of coke, no diet coke either! I haven`t had one since Dec 31. I wonder if cutting refined sugar out of your diet gets rid of the sugar cravings, because I have really not had much trouble with sugar cravings at all...which has surprised me!

Have you cut out your refined sugars?
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