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Default Is dieting turning you into a food Natzi?

Last night we had a potluck dinner to attend. I had already eaten and fed the children, but they of course wanted to eat again. Mostly because there was a lot of junky food they don't get at home anymore, right. So fine they all got a plate of whatever, but I told them ahead of time to please remember they had already eaten dinner.... Okay so my 8 year old gets a plate of junk food, and then wants to go back for more and I said "absolutely not". She's a little on the chunky side, and has no concept of when enough is enough (an inherited condition I'm afraid), and of course she's arguing with me about it. She points out another kids plate and says it's not fair that so and so's gotten another plate blah blah blah. At that point I notice that my friend's somewhat chunky 12 year old child has a plate, no lie 4"-5" deep, filled with nothing but carbs, sugar and fat. It was all I could do not to jump up and intervene, but it's completely not my place. But seriously I had to sit there biting my tongue until every last bite was gone. All I could think was that a year from now, when I've been at this long enough to make it second nature I'm going to be worse and less in control of what I say. I'm already bracing for the "mean-wackjob-food-Natzi-mom" label.
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