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Originally Posted by lastri View Post
Just have a quick question.
Do you warm up before a run? And what kind of warm up, tips you can share?

I usually start slow like a jog then speed up a bit. Half way in, I stretch for a couple minutes and then continues.
For an ordinary training run, no specific warmup is needed. Do as you're doing, just start a bit slower and pick it up when you feel ready.

Stretch after your run and make it a complete routine. Recent studies have shown that stretching temporarily weakens muscles so it's best done after a workout.

Before a race or hard, anaerobic workout:jog 10-15 min with an increase in speed over the last few minutes. Do several strideouts(controlled sprints, don't strain) 4-6 of appx 100yds. Finish your warmup as close to the start as possible. Stay loose on the line, jog in place every few minutes and a short sprint in place if needed.

Experiment with your warmup, everyone is a bit different and no one routine is optimal for all.
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