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Default Day 1 - intervals

Hi all,
It looks like the thread is off to a great start. Thanks Handycycle for being resident training expert I'm sure your expertise will be very much appreciated over the next few months.

Mai, your goal of finishing strong is perfect! I have known people who nearly killed themselves to finish under a certain time and then never ran another race again - too bad .

Vito, run, bike, walk... whatever it takes to keep moving. And yeah, good shoes can make all the difference.

Amy, for me having a goal to work towards seems to be a really important motivator. It can be the difference between hitting the snooze 3 or 4 times and ignoring the planned morning run, and grudgingly getting out of bed on time, but being super happy I completed that planned run.

So today was 400 meter intervals with a 400 meter rest - 8 reps. The target was 8 min miles. When I got up I was (and still am) pretty sore from Sat. weight training but figured I'd get started and if it was too painful I would at least walk it out. To my surprise I got the work out done. And after the first rep, hit my target on the remaing 7 reps.

A lovely way to start the week!
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