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Originally Posted by mjcassar View Post
For every step forward, I take 2 steps back. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing?
Maybe you don't need to change what you are doing too much... what you need to change is what you are thinking!

If you are starting out thinking that this is yet another attempt like all the others, then your body won't play ball with you and it will keep hold of the fat and you won't lose weight!

Try this instead...

Get a photo or two of what you used to look like and maybe some images of clothes you want to wear, activities you want to be able to do and enjoy... add in a few bigger treats that if you lost the weight you could imagine yourself having [even if you can't actually afford a villa by the sea or a ferrari] then choose some little treats things you can definietely do / afford, anything from a new lipstick or eye shadow, to a fave movie with a friend at the cinema... make about 10 or 12 of these mini treats [ not edible ones though]

Put this collage of images in a place that you can see everyday - fridge door is a good place... then looking at it, looking at the you , you want to be... make yourself a promise that goes something like this... you are great inside, you have amazing strength and a huge drive to succeed for this I want to say thanks, and while I am thanking you can I just say how much I admire you wanting to make changes, to eat more healthily and to exercise more, I really appreciate all your effort to get me where I want to be... look at the collage and choose a treat, no target setting, just promise yourself that target when you know you are working hard towards the you, you want to be... it could be resisting a temptation, losing a few pounds, a compliment you get because someone noticed your weight loss... rewards are far more motivating than a stick to beat yourself with when it isn't working for you..

So think about what you really want - not what you don't want...

I wish you all the best Jules xx
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